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Huge Great Dane Is Scared of Little Old Chihuahua (VIDEO)

Life doesn’t always imitate David and Goliath, but sometimes, it comes close. Except…well, we don’t remember Goliath ever being afraid of David in the story. But hey, being bigger than the other guy doesn’t always mean you’re braver.

In this video, a huge Great Dane backs up in fear when a little old Chihuahua starts barking. The tiny dog is standing his ground, and establishing dominance — in the family den, with their respective owners laughing their heads off at this ridiculous situation. That Chihuahua has more guts and bravado than many animals three times his size, so this was as impressive as it was adorable. Still, I felt kind of bad for the Great Dane. Hang in there, pal! That Chihuahua is not going to hurt ya! At least we hope not. Watch the video below:

Huge Great Dane Is Scared of Little Old Chihuahua (VIDEO)

While the Chihuahua showed considerable guts in standing up to the Great Dane, this isn’t even the biggest tale of animal bravery this week.

Check out this story on a hero cat who took a bullet for a 3-year-old. Who says animals can’t be heroes (even by accident)?

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