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Huge Basking Shark Up Close And Personal Like You’ve Never Seen It Before (VIDEO)

A feeding basking shark was filmed by a kayaker in Fleshwick, north of Port Erin in the Isle of Man last week and it’s amazing!

Never seen the shark feed like this. The mouth wide open is breathtaking. So happy that we have equipment now so portable we can take incredible moments like this easily.

From BBC:

Craig Whally said he came across the plankton-eating fish while he was exploring caves near an area known as Fleshwick on Monday.

He said he feels “shocked and privileged” adding: “I saw a big fin so I just sat there waiting for it and it came back about three times.

“The water was so crystal clear it was amazing – it was at least seven metres long (about 23ft) – it was big.”

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

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