HTC One M9 Full Review (VIDEO)

Here’s a video review of the HTC One M9. Most of the changes from the previous flagship M8 is in the software as a lot of the hardware specs are incremental improvements.

As technical blogger Marques Brownlee describes, none of what made the M8 great is a “broken,” so why change it. The HTC One M9 still has the best speakers of any smartphone in the market.

The HTC Sense Android skin is an improvement from the previous version and the phone performs faster than the M8.

HTC has also improved the M9’s camera to a 20 megapixel camera from the M8, which was a huge negative on that phone. Unfortunately, this new camera apparently still sucks. “Dynamic range is terrible,” says Marques.

So: Everything about the M9 is an improvement from the M8, except the camera which still takes mediocre photos.

Watch the video here:

HTC One M9 Review (VIDEO)

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