HTC One M9 First Impressions (VIDEO)

HTC announced the new One M9 this week and here’s a first impressions video from reviewer MKBHD on YouTube.

Marques Brownlee really loves the HTC One, giving it his “smartphone of the year” in 2014 for the M8.

The M9 looks almost exactly like the M8 but with better specs. The biggest change being the back camera which now has a 20 megapixel sensor. The old “ultrapixels” technology HTC used for the back camera is now used in the front facing one.

“HTC fixed everything what was wrong with it,” concludes Marques of the M9 from the M8.

I think that it is smart to keep the up and down speaker “look” for the HTC One, but it could have used a bit of a refresh in the design. Perhaps it was cheaper to just bump up specs for the moment and not do a complete overhaul. Maybe on the next one.

HTC One M9 First Impressions (VIDEO)

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