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Howling Husky Throws Adorable Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

If there’s an immutable fact about dogs that can be considered a universal truth, it’s this: for the most part, dogs love the park. They love going to the park. They love playing at the park. They love meeting other dogs, and playing with those others dogs. But, most of all, they hate to leave the park.

In this video, we see one such dog who really, REALLY doesn’t want to leave. This howling husky flips his lid and throws the most adorable temper tantrum when his owner tells him it’s time to leave. Apparently, the owner takes the husky to the park every day…and the precious pooch throws this same tantrum every single time. I guess he’s all about that playtime living. While it’s sad for him to have to leave the park, at least we’re getting a super cute clip out of it. Huskies have so much personality! Watch the video below:

Howling Husky Throws Adorable Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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