How Sexually Diseased Is Your City? Top 10 U.S. Cities with Most STD

Congratulations Montgomery, AL! You are the most sexually diseased city in America!

Here’s a list of cities in America with the most STDs per 100,000. The military contributed a lot to this list, I wonder why. Also, I think that “total STD” is higher for bigger cities – but as shown in the Top 10 list, percentage of the population is more significant. If every other person you meet on the street has an STD, that’s a problem!

Oh and herpes is not included here, so maybe that’s a factor, maybe not.

This map about STD statistics was created and produced by RentApplication.com

Rank City Total STDs Total STDs per 100,000
1. Montgomery, AL 4371 1899.20
2 St Louis, MO 5942 1867.54
3. West Memphis, AR (Part of the Memphis Metro) 859 1717.29
4. Philadelphia, PA 26151 1689.77
5. Norfolk, VA [Norfolk Naval Base] 4013 1632.74
6. Baltimore, MD 10134 1630.98
7. Richmond, VA 32481 1544.39
8. New Orleans, LA 5614 1520.37
9. Killeen, TX [Ft. Hood] 4887 1512.83
10. Fayetteville, NC [Ft. Bragg] 4826 1489.2

How RentApplication Collected and Created This Data

The data used here comes from the CDC for 2013, and reflects reports of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. (Herpes data is not collected). To normalize the data, we measured rates per 100,000 people. We chose only to show cities with a significant amount of population, so rural counties are not show on this map.

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