How Raspy Is A 1988 Volvo 240? You’d Be Surprised (VIDEO)

Volvo has a bit of a weird reputation, as far as Regular Car Reviews is concerned. They wax and wane between making sturdy, reliable cars, and creating everyday beaters that are as unimpressive in function as they are unadorned in style.

The 1988 Volvo 240 is, in some respects, the ultimate Volvo. In Mr. Regular’s own written words, it’s a “raspy, poppy, flame-y” ride, but also pretty interesting, all things considered. This Volvo has a straight pipe to the back, and a guttural rasp to go with brakes and wheels that may or may not actually work too well. This POV drive is pretty fun, with more of Mr. Regular’s typically analytical personality coming out, particularly once he ends up turning on a rear defroster he can’t actually turn off. Whether you’re into cars or not, it’s an episode worth checking out. You can watch the full video below:

How Raspy Is A 1988 Volvo 240? You'd Be Surprised (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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