How I Trained My Cats (Not To Ruin The Sushi)

JunsKitchen has captivated his audience on YouTube with his "Cooking with Cats" series over the last few months. For the uninitiated, Jun, who comes from Japan, cooks restaurant style food for his cats. They're actually eating better than most humans!

The amazing thing is Jun is not a professional chef - he just likes to cook. And obviously, he loves his cats - who wouldn't?

In this video, he finally explains how he trained his cats to wait patiently while he films himself cooking for them. The cats wait until the meal is ready before they gobble the dishes up which is one of the signature features of his videos.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

I really didn't think cats can be trained like this but with patience, it can be done. These are some well-behaved cats for sure. They deserve the five-star meals they get.

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