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Hot Mess Performance Leads to Tears on The X Factor UK 2015 Bootcamp (VIDEO)

Monica Michael, Papasidero, Batz in Da Belfry, Sophie Plumb and Princess Diamond performed as part of a group for bootcamp on The X Factor UK 2015! However, their performance of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” was a hot mess that led to plenty of tears and drama!

Basically, Princess Diamond forgot her lyrics, which is bad enough. But even without that mistake, I didn’t think this was the right song for these finalists. I thought Papasidero sounded great, but I just don’t see where he fits in this competition other than as a novelty act. I also was a bit disappointed with Monica Michael, who did a good job, but didn’t reach the fantastic heights of her audition performance. Then again, I guess that would have been a tall order either way. That said, I do think Simon and the judges all made the right choices on who to put through, since the people who advanced were the ones with the most potential (particularly Sophie, who I think has a lot to show in this competition that). But, oh man, the tears and the heartbreak. Of course, there’s a certain amount of karma in the result, as Princess threw Monica under the bus before the performance, only to have it backfire on her. Still, Princess asking Simon if her elimination meant she had to go home was particularly cringeworthy, in a sad way. Watch the full video below:

Hot Mess Performance Leads to Tears on The X Factor UK 2015 Bootcamp (VIDEO)

Result: Monica Michael, Papasidero, Sophie Plumb advanced to the next round! Batz in da Belfry and Princess Diamond were eliminated!

Anyway, what did you think of this group? Sound off in the comments!

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