America’s Got Talent 2016 Homeschooled Singer Charms Everyone (VIDEO)

Ryan Beard impressed the judges with a comedy song on America’s Got Talent 2016 on Tuesday, June 28, 2016!

Ryan is an 18-year-old, home-schooled kid who’s never had a girlfriend. Also, he’s here with his mom, so he’s naturally self-effacing. But he’s a really cool kid, noting that hhe plans on finding a way to reward her if he wins the competition. Howie asks him about what the prom is like at home-school, and he says he ended up slow-dancing with his brother. He’s a pretty likable guy already, and the crowd is on his side. Ryan sits at the piano and sings a song about being home-schooled, and about how you shouldn’t go to prom with your mom. I’m kind of underselling it, but I really enjoyed this. Ryan may not have the best singing voice out of everyone in the competition, but he brings a genuinely unique musical act to the show, a Bo Burnham-like comedy singing act. I enjoyed the hell out of this, and so did the judges, as they unanimously send him through to the next round. Watch the performance video below:

Homeschooled Singer Charms Everyone on America's Got Talent 2016 (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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