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Homeless Senior Dog Rescued From Water Treatment Facility (VIDEO)

A homeless dog is sad enough, but when the dog in question is a senior, it’s especially heartwrenching. However, age is just a number to the good folks at Hope For Paws, who set out to rescue one such senior dog.

In this video, a homeless dog is found living at a water treatment facility, prompting rescuers to approach the situation delicately, since there were hazardous chemicals in the open tanks next to the dog. It took a lot of patience to be able to earn the dog’s trust and safely restrain him. But once he was in their care, the dog, whom they named Mufasa for his overgrown mane, came to life. Not only was he cleaned, groomed, and fed, he was neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for an ear infection as well as intestinal parasites. Seeing Mufasa all cleaned up and happy…well, he looks like a new dog completely! It’s a really heartwarming transformation. Watch the video below:

Homeless Senior Dog Rescued From Water Treatment Facility (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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