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Homeless Pit Bull Family Rescued From Underneath House (VIDEO)

Being homeless is heartbreaking. Every dog deserves a loving home, but not everyone gets to have one. But rescuers, like the fine folks at Hope For Paws, are working to eliminate homelessness among dogs in their area.

In this video, we meet a homeless pit bull family who has been living under a house. The mother, whom the rescuers name Sansa, has just given birth to seven puppies, each of whom are scared and hungry. So the team launches into action to rescue the puppies, crawling under the house and chasing down the few pups that try to hide. Before long, the entire family is rescued, and placed in foster homes with volunteers who agreed to help out. Sansa was provided the rare gift of being able to raise her pups until they were old enough to be separately adopted. Here’s hoping Sansa eventually finds a loving forever home as well. Watch the video below:

Homeless Pit Bull Family Rescued From Underneath House (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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