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Homeless Husky Living In Trash Is Rescued – And Makes A New Friend! (VIDEO)

When a dog is abandoned, it’s not surprising to find that the dog has abandoned all hope themselves. But the world still has good people in it. And for that reason, not all hope is lost, as we discover in the case of this homeless husky found living in the trash.

In this video, we meet Miley, a homeless husky who suffers from such severe cases of mange, parasites, bacterial infections and malnutrition, she’s hardly even recognizable as a husky (at the very least, the Hope For Paws representative told me she’s a husky). But she slowly begins regaining her strength, along with her trust in other people. She even makes a new friend named Frankie, who was abandoned himself. The poor pooch was left in a drainage pipe and was pretty much afraid of everyone and everything. But Miley gets him to open up, and their bond is one of the most endearing things about this video, which you should definitely check out. To help Hope For Paws rescue more dogs like Miley and Frankie, consider donating to their cause. And to see Miley and Frankie together, watch the video below:

Homeless Husky Living In Trash Is Rescued - And Makes A New Friend! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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