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Homeless German Shepherd Rescued From Desert (VIDEO)

A homeless dog can occasionally have issues with trust. They don’t want to be in their situation, but they can’t be sure that humans can be trusted. But that doesn’t mean rescuers will just give up on them.

In this video, we meet a homeless German Shepherd named Venus who is living in the desert. With temperatures reaching in excess of 100 degrees, time was running out for the workers of Hope For Paws, the nonprofit animal rescue organization. But Venus had such issues trusting humans that they could never get close enough to humanely capture the dog. This led to an unusual rescue featuring a tranquilizer gun, a chase on foot (at sundown!), and a mobile veterinary unit. It’s an exciting and heartwarming video, as we see what genuine care can do for a dog whose situation would otherwise seem hopeless. Watch the full video below:

Homeless German Shepherd Rescued From Desert (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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