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Holly Madison Responds to Kendra Wilkinson’s Raunchy Tweets About Her

Holly Madison has issued a statement following some very indelicate and now-deleted tweets from her formerĀ Girls Next Door co-star Kendra Wilkinson about what went on in the bedroom of the Playboy Mansion.

“I’ve written a book, The Vegas Diaries, that’s about letting go and moving on. About resolving the past so you can live a future,” revealed Madison.

“I’ve dealt with my demons and I’ve come out ahead. I can hold my head high and work hard to be the classy and kind person I aspire to be.”

She would go on to cheekily conclude, “I want no part of a one-sided argument or feud where one woman lives to demoralize and degrade another woman. For those with unresolved issues, therapy works. You should try it.”

Mic drop.

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