Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Nomination Night Before California Primary

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party after she earned enough delegates, the AP reported on Monday night.

The news comes the night before the Democratic primaries in California, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, and South Dakota on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman to top a major party ticket in the United States.

From AP:

Hillary Clinton has commitments from the number of delegates needed to become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president, and will be first woman to top the ticket of a major U.S. political party. An Associated Press count of pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses and a survey of party insiders known as superdelegates shows Clinton with the overall support of the required 2,383 delegates. Now the presumptive nominee, she will formally accept her party’s nomination in July at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

I’m with her!

I am so excited!!!

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