Hillary Clinton And George W. Bush Hugging Photo Goes Viral

A photo of Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton and former Republican president George W. Bush sharing a sweet moment at Nancy Reagan’s funeral last week has earned strong reactions on the Internet.

CNN’s political director David Chalian tweeted the photo on Sunday with teh caption: “This may be the best photo from Mrs. Reagan’s funeral.”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Some people loved it because it showed the Hillary Clinton was capable of working across party lines (exactly like her campaign message).

Some people hated it because it showed that Hillary Clinton was part of the established political elite and represents everything that is wrong with American (exactly like the campaign message of her opponents).

Personally, I think this is awesome. A lot of people forget context sometimes. This was taken at someone’s funeral, where people come together out of respect for the deceased. There are times when we can take away political labels aside and just be human.

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