Hilarious Ventriloquist Steals the Show on ‘America’s Got Talent 10’ (VIDEO)

Hilarious ventriloquist Paul Zerdin stole the show with the help of his dummy, Sam, on America’s Got Talent 10, “Live Show 1”!

Paul is not only funny, he’s a risk-taker, as he allows for several seconds of dead-air in his act at about the halfway point, all in service of building up an absolutely wonderful little reveal. But even without that surprise, this would still have been an amazing act, considering the volume control Paul has over his own voice (such as how Sam’s voice gets quieter when Paul shoves him in the bag) and the skill with which he keeps his lips from moving. To say he deserved his standing ovation would be an understatement, in my opinion. Just great stuff.

Watch the video below:

Hilarious Ventriloquist Steals the Show on 'America's Got Talent 10' (VIDEO)

Judges: Heidi talks about how you normally see a ventriloquist’s lips move during their act, and somehow Howard coaxes the crowd into booing her for this, even though she absolutely loved Paul, saying he’s the best ventriloquist she’s ever seen. Howard calls it downright genius, noting that Paul even switched to a muffled voice for Sam when he tried to put the dummy back in the bag. He declares Paul his favorite act of the night.

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