Hilarious Car Review Explains Why It’s Okay to Like Pretty Things (VIDEO)

Mr. Regular is back for an all-new episode of Regular Car Reviews, and this one deals with the whole masculine problem of liking pretty things.

This week’s car is a 2002 Audi TT Quattro, a car that earned its name from a motorcycle race, of all things. Mr. Regular, for his part, isn’t exactly crazy about the history behind the name, but he’s surprisingly fair to its reputation, sticking up for the Audi TT Quattro and other small cars of its type by noting its considerable capabilities. Case in point, the owner of this car was able to pack all of his stuff into this car and drive it all the way from Pennsylvania to Oregon. Ultimately, the argument among naysayers is that this car is too tiny and cute for a man’s man to enjoy, so they’ll just end up going with the more masculine Camaro. But Mr. Regular argues that it’s okay to like pretty things, and that it might even be more masculine to simply go with the car you want and have confidence in that choice, no matter what it is. And I think he makes an excellent point, particularly for someone who makes loads of fart jokes. This was funny and insightful, and you can watch the full video below:

Insane Car Reviewer Explains Why It's Okay to Like Pretty Things (VIDEO)

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