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Heroic Stray Protects Injured Dog Trapped On Train Tracks (VIDEO)

Friendship is a hell of a thing, whether it’s between humans or animals.

In this video, an injured dog is trapped on train tracks in snow-covered Ukraine. However, the injured dog was not alone, as she was protected by a heroic stray who snuggled close to keep her head down as a train passed by over top of them. This prevented both dogs from being injured by the train, in addition to keeping the injured dog warm as the temperatures dropped. Eventually, the dogs were successfully rescued: the injured dog was named Lucy, while the rescuers named her furry pal Panda. Eventually, both Lucy and Panda’s owners were located, and the dogs were taken home, so Panda didn’t remain a stray for very long. Still, it’s a genuinely heartwarming story, and definitely worth checking out. Watch the video below:

Heroic Stray Protects Injured Dog Trapped On Train Tracks (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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