Here’s What Happens When You Ignore Tesla Autopilot (VIDEO)

One of the big appeals of a Tesla for a lot of consumers is its Autopilot feature. However, the feature is more of a driver-assist technology than the autonomous mode its name might suggest. Driver input is still required. So it’s no surprise that the system pretty much freaks out if you turn it on and then ignore it.

In this video, YouTuber JR Garage explores what happens when a driver engages the Autopilot mode, takes his hands off the wheel, and then ignores all of the driver safety warnings from the system. Needless to say, this probably isn’t something you should ever try at home, if you ever do happen to own a Tesla. With that said, it’s pretty impressive to witness just how far automotive technology has come in the past decade. Watch the video below:

Here's What Happens When You Ignore Tesla Autopilot (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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