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Heartbroken Singer Becomes Nick Grimshaw’s Obession on The X Factor UK 2015 (VIDEO)

Heartbroken singer Katie Coleman wowed judge Nick Grimshaw with her audition on The X Factor UK 2015!

So Katie recently got out of a bad relationship, hence the heartbreak driving her performance of Ariana Grande’s “Break Free”. But her vulnerability is part of what draws in the audience, and the judges — particularly Nick Grimshaw. After her performance, Nick tells Simon that Katie made his “heart feel funny,” comparing it to having watched a really emotional film. He also outright declares that he’s obsessed with Katie now, which leads me to believe he might campaign for the Girls category. Of course, it’s up to the fans to decide which judge gets which category this year. Should be interesting to see how this turns out. Watch Katie’s audition below:

Heartbroken Singer Becomes Nick Grimshaw's Obession on The X Factor UK 2015 (VIDEO)

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