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Heartbreaking Moment Of Abused Dog Pet For First Time – I’m Crying (VIDEO)

Meet Priscilla – the rescue dog who was severely abused before arriving at a shelter in Romania. It had never known love in its entire life.

This video shows the heart-wrenching moment when she was stroked for the very first time. I am in tears from the first second. Who knows what kind of abuse this puppy suffered to make her react this way?

I recommend that the volume be turned down because the screaming at the beginning is unbearable. After a few seconds though, Priscilla understands what kindness means and continues to cry.

Priscilla is doing so much better with her rescuer. But I’m still crying at this story.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Please spread the word about rescuing dogs on Facebook. Here’s a shelter dog realizing he was adopted.

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