HBO to Release ‘Game of Thrones’ Jewelry Line on April 4

Want to deck yourself out in the bling of the Seven Kingdoms? Well, HBO will help you out, but won’t be cheap.

The network is launching a Game of Thrones jewelry line created via the partnership between HBO and jewelry design and manufacturing company Pyrrha. Handcrafted necklaces and rings made of bronze and sterling silver will be made available as part of the collection, with each piece featuring a sigil from one of the houses of Westeros: Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell and Greyjoy. You can check out an image of the jewelry below:

HBO to Release 'Game of Thrones' Jewelry Line on April 4

Credit: HBO

The jewelry, which reportedly costs between $98 and $900, will be made available on April 4 through HBO and also via the Pyrrha website and stores.

Via: Zap2It

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