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Has the Next Cher Been Found on The X Factor UK 2015? (VIDEO)

Sales assistant Lucy Duffield performed the Alicia Keys hit “If I Ain’t Got You” and Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” on The X Factor UK 2015!

Does anyone else think she sounds a LOT like Cher? Her Alicia Keys song was great, and her Whitney Houston performance was even better (her a cappella version was downright stunning), but I found myself imagining Cher up on that stage. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, at least in my opinion. Hell, I mean it as a compliment. Cher has an amazing voice, and Lucy has a lot of talent herself! Of course, I do acknowledge I could be the only one hearing this. Still, considering how unique Cher is, and how few singers there have been that sound anything like her, I think Lucy could prove to be a similarly unique talent. Granted, I don’t think she’ll adopt the ostentatious outfits or performance style of Cher, but I think she can be just as strong a vocalist in time. Watch Lucy’s audition video below:

Has the Next Cher Been Found on The X Factor UK 2015 (VIDEO)

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