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Harry Connick Jr calls out Quentin Alexander for ‘Disrespecting Hand That Feeds You’ (VIDEO)

Harry Connick Jr. argued with American Idol contestant Quentin Alexander on Wednesday after Quentin expressed his disappointment about the night’s Bottom 2 results.

Quentin said “that is wack,” referring to his best friend Joey Cook landing in the Bottom 2 with Rayvon Owen.

Harry Connick Jr. then said, “You can always go home. Idol is paying a lot of money to give you this experience and for you to say that to this hand that is feeding you right now. I think it’s highly disrespectful.”

Ryan Seacrest gave Quentin a chance to explain how he felt.

Nevertheless this was the most uncomfortable exchange I have ever seen on this show in fourteen seasons. It really seemed out of control. I think Harry calling out Quentin was so dehumanizing, specially since Harry misinterpreted what he said.

Harry Connick Jr argues with Quentin Alexander for 'Disrespecting the Hand that Feeds You' (VIDEO)

After his second song, Quentin apologized yet again, just to make things clear that he meant no disrespect to the show and was only showing raw emotion:

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