Harrison Ford Surprises ‘Star Wars’ Fans for Charity (VIDEO)

Harrison Ford is a fun guy, even if that mood doesn’t always seem to come out in interviews.

Case in point, this latest announcement video for the partnership between Star Wars and Omaze, a charity organization that helps contributors “live [their] dream experience by helping our world’s non-profit organizations realize their dreams.” Some unsuspecting Star Wars fans were face-timing with representatives from Omaze when they received the surprise of a lifetime. Han Solo himself appeared onscreen, and the reactions were absolutely PRICELESS. And it’s all for a good cause! Watch the video below:

Harrison Ford Surprises 'Star Wars' Fans for Charity (VIDEO)

On the subject of the charity itself, it goes like this: two grand prize winners and three friends will get to travel to the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in either LA or London, in addition to meeting the cast. Your opportunities to win increase based on how much you donate, so $10 gives you 100 chances, $15 gives you 150 chances, etc. The money is eventually split between fifteen different charities, ensuring that a wide array of worthy causes are funded. You can participate by heading to Omaze’s official Star Wars: Force For Change site.

And for more on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, watch the latest TV spot with all-new footage!

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