Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are 12 Great Romances From the Past Year of TV

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Instead of being one of those people who celebrates “Single Awareness Day” or trudges through today like it’s a pile of dirty snow left over from the holidays, try enjoying these twelve great TV couples from the past year. Be sure to join in by adding your own favorite television romances below and make sure to eat way too many chocolates today!

(Warning! Spoilers ahead!)

Robb and Talisa Stark (Game of Thrones):

Game of Thrones - Valentine's Day 2014

HBO “Game of Thrones”

The Red Wedding shook the Game of Thrones audience to the core, but the King in the North and his queen (who probably had no idea where Winterfell is/ was), live on as one of the show’s great loves in one plotline that took a relationship from the book series to a whole new level.

Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries):

(Half of the) Fans of The Vampire Diaries finally got what they’ve been waiting for since Stefan Salvatore’s dark counterpart rolled into Mystic Falls on the show’s pilot. Damon and Elena managed to break the code of the doppelganger destiny, only to have Katherine snuff out the Salvatore brother’s humanity in her quest to stay alive and snag Stefan.

Carrie Bradshaw and Sebastian Kydd (The Carrie Diaries):

It might be difficult for viewers to separate The Carrie Diaries from its predecessor, Sex and the City, but the awesome high school romance between a young Carrie and Sebastian Kydd sure made things easier. If Season 3 actually happens, will both halves of Kyddshaw manage to work their way back into each other’s arms?

Nucky Thompson and Sally Wheet (Boardwalk Empire):

Patricia Arquette joined the cast of Boardwalk Empire this season as Sally, the best brawlin’ bar broad the show could have drummed up. As a totally new kind of love interest for the A.C. gangster, Sally brought a breath of fresh Florida air to the Jersey crime scene.

Hannah Horvath and Adam Sackler (GIRLS):



After a heartbreaking Season 2 finale in which the lead of GIRLS suffered a legitimate mental breakdown, it’s been totally refreshing to watch Hannah and Adam existing in healthier (emphasis on the “-ier”) adult relationship. Season 3 opened with Adam helping Hannah take her medication, setting the tone for a brighter and more optimistic year.

Zoe, Kyle, and Madison (American Horror Story: Coven):

American Horror Story: Coven attempted to recreate the romance between the star-crossed lovers of the show’s first season, Violet and Tate, but failed to truly capture that which made the couple special. Of course, throwing tragic starlet Madison Montgomery into the mix created a whole new dynamic. Season 3 ended with Kyle strangling the life out of the movie star who’d lost the ability to feel anything at all without him following her resurrection.

Patrick and Richie (Looking):

These two are just barely getting off to a fresh start, but the Looking pair has the potential to evolve into an awesome modern TV couple. Richie acts as a lens into Paddy’s most honest desires, showing us that which our protagonist most needs in his heart of hearts.

Jessica Hamby and James (True Blood):

True Blood had a totally successful season in 2013, and Jessica’s budding romance with the kind-hearted vampire James was a pleasure to watch. Rumor has it that Luke Grimes has left the role heading into the series’ final season because he was unhappy with the direction his character was expected to take… a direction away from Jessica. Sigh

Roy Harper and Thea Queen (Arrow):

Arrow’s resident hotheaded bad boy totally added spice and spunk to the CW action-drama, but even as his character continues to delve into the world of the Starling City vigilante, his best arc remains his romance with Ollie’s sis, Thea.

Jess Day and Nick Miller (New Girl):

From the start of the hit Fox comedy, fans of been dying for these two to to try get together. Now that Nick Miller has come into his own, the New Girl pair has become an awesome comedic couple to watch.

Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz (Pretty Little Liars):

ABC Family "Pretty Little Liars"

ABC Family “Pretty Little Liars”

Now that Ezra has been revealed to be EzrA, the littlest Liar has a whole lot of heartbreak on the horizon as the ABC Family hit draws closer to its season finale. Perhaps PLL will give viewers its biggest twist yet. Will Aria join EzrA? Will Aria become AriA? Is she already AriA?

Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich (Shameless):

While Season 4 has maintained the heartbreaking tone of the Season 3 finale for these two, Ian and Mickey remain the Showtime hit’s most compelling love story. Watching Mickey mourn the loss of his love has been a painful pleasure to watch.

Do you have any favorite TV couples from the past year? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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