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Hannah Kirby and Sarah Potenza sing ‘Gimme Shelter’ on The Voice 2015 Battle (VIDEO)

Hannah Kirby and Sarah Potenza sang “Gimme Shelter” on The Voice 2015 Season 8 Battles on Tuesday, March 10 for Team Blake Shelton.

Download: Hannah Kirby vs Sarah Potenza – Gimme Shelter

“This was a duel,” said Pharrell Williams.

Hannah really fought for this and the coaches noticed.

From our live blog:

Hannah starts dancing a bit in rehearsals, and Meghan asks why. Hannah tells her she likes to dance, but in a confessional, reveals that it’s because Sarah has more stage presence. In essence, she needs to dance in order to compete with the showmanship Sarah displays. Both girls seem pretty even in the vocal department, so I think it’ll ultimately come down to who the better performer ends up being. Meghan isn’t sure how Blake is going to be able to choose between the two.


Winner: Sarah Potenza

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Hannah Kirby picks Team Pharrell Williams

Hannah Kirby and Sarah Potenza sing 'Gimme Shelter' on The Voice 2015 Battle (VIDEO)

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