Hannah Huston Is a Total Star in ‘I Call the Shots’ Official Music Video

Hannah Huston has released her first official music video for her single, “I Call the Shots”! Hannah co-wrote the song with coach Pharrell Williams, and debuted it on The Voice 2016 Live Finale on Monday, May 23, 2016 for Team Pharrell Williams!

More than any other winner’s single from any reality series this year, I think “I Call the Shots” is the song that most sounds like a radio-ready hit. And I say that acknowledging that Alisan Porter’s and Adam Wakefield’s winner’s singles seems like an even bigger surefire hit with country radio. But, for my money (and I did spend it to get this song!), Hannah just comes across like a total star in this song. And the music video gives off a similar superstar vibe, albeit in a more lowkey variety. Hannah’s down-to-Earth nature is what makes her so accessible and so likable, and that likability really does add a lot to her stage persona, because she’s easy to root for. At least in my opinion. But what do you think? Watch the music video and the “Making Of” below:

Hannah Huston Is a Total Star in 'I Call the Shots' Official Music Video

Download: Hannah Huston, “I Call the Shots”

What did you think of Hannah’s music video for “I Call the Shots”? Sound off in the comments!

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