Hall of Famer Puts WWE On Blast Over ‘Disrespectful’ Segment on RAW

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham has spent a sizable portion of his post-wrestling career criticizing WWE. So his latest rant shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as the legend rips into the company over a “disrespectful” segment from this past Monday’s RAW.

The segment, of course, was the backstage confrontation in which Karl Anderson ripped the head off of a stuffed bear dressed like the late Dusty Rhodes — in front of Dusty’s own son, Dustin (Goldust). It was a segment that offended Cody Rhodes enough to make an impassioned tweet about it. And now, it’s got Billy Graham up in arms, with the “Superstar” posting about it in a Facebook statement:

Hall of Famer Puts WWE On Blast Over 'Disrespectful' Segment on RAW

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Last Monday night, December 26th, I took a break from painting and watched a little TV. RAW came up so I stopped to see what was happening. The backstage segment with Goldust, R-Truth, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Bayley had just started. Bayley, with all of the working emotion she could pull up was giving Goldust a Dusty Rhodes-themed stuffed animal. Telling Goldust how much she LOVED Dusty. The American Dream’s son Goldust, tried to get a few sniffles going while clutching the stuffed doll. Gallows and Anderson burst into the scene and one of them grabs the doll. I honestly don’t know who is Anderson and who is Gallows, that is how impressed I am with them, nothing personal, I am just not impressed enough with them to know who is who. One of them then proceeds to rip the head off the Dusty Rhodes stuffed doll and they both start laughing and walk off the set. Very funny to be making a joke off a dead WWE icon, The American Dream, who had more charisma than the entire WWE roster put together.

Cody Rhodes tweeted that “He was not gonna say something mean or blow a whistle” about this segment. He wont, but I will. It made me totally nauseated and was the ultimate in disrespect to the man, not only to one of the greatest performers ever in the business of pro wrestling. I also think that the writer who came up with this disrespectful segment is a total piece of s–t and should be fired for getting away with having the WWE air this disgusting segment. How low will the WWE continue to go is the question? I personally don’t want to see.

RIP Dusty who passed away on June 11, 2015.

Superstar Billy Graham

There generally seems to be a sharp divide in how this segment has been viewed by the public. Some feel that what Karl Anderson did was simply a heel getting heat, and that heels did far worse in Dusty’s day. Some even argue that Dusty would have approved of the segment himself, if he’d been around. Meanwhile, there are just as many who side with Billy Graham and Cody Rhodes on this, claiming it was a disrespectful move on the part of WWE, even if they did clear it with Dustin beforehand. For the most part, I’m in the former camp, since I’ve seen WWE do way worse than this in order to generate heat. But I don’t think anyone is wrong to have been offended by the segment. These sorts of things affect everyone differently, and if you were a colleague of Dusty Rhodes, or you’re a son who idolized him, then it’s almost natural to feel hurt that Dusty was used for cheap heat. It’s that rare situation where I don’t think either side of the argument is necessarily right or wrong.

But what do you think of the segment? Was it fair game for getting heat, or was it needlessly disrespectful? Sound off in the comments!

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