Haley Reinhart and Postmodern Jukebox Are Pure Joy on Jazzy ‘Lovefool’ Cover (VIDEO)

One of the most exciting, inventive music channels on YouTube is back for another gloriously retro cover. Yes, Scott Bradlee and the talented musicians of Postmodern Jukebox have once again teamed with Haley Reinhart to produce another cover that’s downright dreamy.

The song? A track I’m not sure anyone would even think to cover, which is what makes it as brilliant as it ends up being: The Cardigans’ 1996 hit, “Lovefool”.

After collaborating with them on a stellar 1930s Jazz cover of Tove Lo’s “Habits” and the similarly soulful, inevitably viral retro take on Radiohead’s iconic “Creep”, it seems Haley is on-track to being a regular with Postmodern Jukebox. And you’ll get no complaints from me there. This is an absolutely fantastic road for her to be traveling, as it matches her unique, throwback style. Seriously, it’s as if she’s walked out of a sepia-toned past. Check out the video for “Lovefool” below:

Haley Reinhart and Postmodern Jukebox Team for Jazzy 'Lovefool' Cover (VIDEO)

If you dig the song, get your download on: Postmodern Jukebox and Haley Reinhart, “Lovefool”

Naturally, as before, Haley is not the only American Idol alum making waves with the group: Fellow Season 10 finalist Casey Abrams has smashed it on a variety of covers for the channel, including a New Orleans style version of “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith. Meanwhile, Season 8 finalist Von Smith has done multiple covers himself, most recently doing a Grease-style version of “Style” by Taylor Swift alongside vocalist Annie Goodchild. This channel is frigging amazing, and deserves WAY more subscribers than the (admittedly massive) 1,000,000+ they’ve got.

If you want to see this kind of music live, the Postmodern Jukebox Tour is continuing through the end of June, with more live dates being added for November. For more ticket info, click here: Postmodern Jukebox Live Tour.

But what did you think about the new music video? Let us know what you thought about the cover in the comments!

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