Hackers Mistakenly Blame Smartphone App For Tesla Theft (VIDEO)

Technology has its own risks these days, especially with the advent of autonomous cars. However, when a team of hackers tried to reveal a flaw in the Tesla smartphone app to show how easy it would be to steal a Tesla, they ended up mistakenly directing the blame in the wrong direction.

In this video, we meet Promon, a team of security researchers, who claim to have found a way to crack the Tesla smartphone app in order to locate, unlock, and take direct control over a Tesla vehicle. In their terms, “Our researchers have demonstrated that because of lack of security in the Tesla smartphone app, cyber criminals could take control of the company’s vehicles, to the point where they can locate, unlock and drive the car away unhindered.”

Hackers Mistakenly Blame Smartphone App For Tesla Theft (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

However, this is a bit misleading: it isn’t the Tesla smartphone app that’s causing the issues. It’s the Android software being used on the smartphone in question, according to tech blog Electrek. And, unsurprisingly, it’s a flaw that has already been patched in the latest version. So these guys essentially just exposed a flaw that can no longer be used, unless the person looking to commit the theft is using an outdated smartphone that a thief could hack. Granted, this isn’t exactly impossible, or even all that far-fetched. But the thief would also have to trick the owner into signing into his Tesla account on the app. Only then, once he’s acquired all of the owner’s information, could a thief actually do anything with the car. You’d have to have pretty bad luck for this to happen to you, which is why the big moral of this story is to never leave your phone unattended, and always update your operating software. Follow those rules, and you should be set.

As for how this all is possible, you can watch the video demonstration below:

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