Gwen Stefani Rises Above Divorce With Stunning ‘Misery’ (VIDEO)

Gwen Stefani has a new single out, and it addresses the heartbreak and struggle following her divorce from Gavin Rossdale. However, “Misery” doesn’t wallow in the grief of its title, as the track explores the new beginnings that emerged in the wake of one relationship ending. The song comes to us from Gwen’s new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, which became her first album in over ten years to top the Billboard charts.

In my opinion, this is one of Gwen’s best singles in her recent catalogue, with its upbeat tempo clashing against the heavy lyrics and driving beat. It’s not something I would have expected from Gwen, in terms of her personal sound. But I loved this. It’s also nice to see her rising above the anguish of divorce with a track that both addresses the heartbreak and the desire to just move the hell on, already. This is a song that’s definitely worth checking out. You can watch the music video below:

Gwen Stefani Rises Above Divorce With Stunning 'Misery' (VIDEO)

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