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Great Dane Puppy Doesn’t Want To Get Up, Throws Hissy Fit (VIDEO)

Waking up can be a chore for even the most well-rested person. But that issue extends to dogs as well, as evidenced by this clip here.

In this video, an adorable Great Dane puppy throws a hissy fit when his owner orders him to get out of bed. You see, the dog really doesn’t want to get up. But I can’t say I blame him, since 3:30 am is SUPER early! Of course, his owners run a bagel factory in Birmingham, MI, hence the crazy hours. But the precious pooch is really in no mood to roll out of bed at all, no matter how much coaxing his dad gives him. It’s basically like trying to wake a teenager on a school morning. I’d consider it ridiculous if a) I couldn’t relate to it so well, and b) it wasn’t so damn cute. But it’s both, so here we are. Watch the video below:

Great Dane Puppy Doesn't Want To Get Up, Throws Hissy Fit (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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