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Great Big Boxer Dog Is Scared of Tiny Feather (VIDEO)

It seems like the bigger the dog breed, the more scared some dogs tend to become. Particularly against very little, inanimate objects. It’s almost like a cliche, at this point. And this video basically bears it out.

In this video, a great big boxer dog is scared of a tiny little feather. Naturally, any time a dog (or a person, for that matter) comes face-to-face with something he doesn’t recognize, then it kind of makes sense that there’d be a certain amount of fear there. But it’s both hilarious and cute how much this particular dog overreacts. This boxer is just so adorable, I kind of want to just pat his head and let him know it’ll all be okay. Poor guy. Watch the video below:

Great Big Boxer Dog Is Scared of Tiny Feather (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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