Google To Sell Its Scary Robot Reindeer Factory To Toyota

Google’s dream of creating robots for the masses (that are the stuff of nightmares) is almost over. It’s selling Boston Dynamics to Toyota Research Institute according to Tech Insider.

Apparently, Google was planning to have a commercial robot that can help in the office or your home by 2020. Currently, the robots Boston Dynamics have been producing, though impressive, are nightmare inducing. I think too many “Terminator” movies have made us fear for what could happen now that we’ve seen autonomous moving robots come to life.

According to an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg, Google wanted to distance itself as much as possible from the videos Boston Dynamics because of negative publicity.

Source: Tech Insider

Source: Tech Insider

Toyota Research Institute as its name implies is about research and commercializing anything, so this could be a good fit for Boston Dynamics.

For a glimpse of what the company is doing, check out Santa’s Scary Robot Reindeer!

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