Gonzo Porsche Video Just Might Be Weirdest Car Review Yet

Regular Car Reviews has done some weird videos in the past, but this review of a Porsche 928 S4 just might be the weirdest yet. And it’s all due to one word: gonzo.

At least, that’s the impression the guys are giving off from the video description, as this appears to be an homage to Hunter S. Thompson, the gonzo journalist whose cadence and style of verbiage are basically unmistakable. Granted, this will probably be the most divisive video in a while, if for no other reason than that Mr. Regular’s cadence during this homage can be tough to cotton to. But there are still some real gems in the language here. “I asked the M28 to sing in its upper register but it refused, confined to a life of low RPM, disingenuous torque, and fake cowboy crooning” is a phrase I really wish I could have written. But that’s the obsessive reader in me talking. If you don’t know Hunter S. Thompson or the gonzo style, this might not track for you. Hell, it might not even if you do. But I enjoyed the hell out of it, and you might too. You can watch the full video below:

Gonzo Porsche Video Just Might Be Weirdest Car Review Yet

Source: YouTube

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