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Girl Swims With Huge Python In Their Backyard – OMG (VIDEO)

Meet Sumatra – the giant Burmese Python that feels right at home swimming in the kiddie pool in the backyard.

This looks very dangerous to me but I guess this girl and snake are used to being around each other.

From YouTube user Corey Wallace:

Giant albino burmese python swims with girl, This is our 8 yr. old Burmese Python named Sumatra. She has been to over 500 birthday parties and many schools, she has been around kids since she was a baby, she has never killed anything she even likes our dogs and cat. funny story I have found the most humane way to kill a rabbit or chicken is to give them a strong hit to the back of the neck with a hard object this normally kills them instantly for I don’t like to see any animal suffer. Anyway I came in later to see if Sumatra had eaten and the chicken was walking around her cage, she would not touch it unless it was dead so I killed it for sure this time and she ate it right away.

OK. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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