Gilbert Melendez Suspended from UFC After Failed Drug Test

It’s bad news for UFC star Gilbert Melendez and any fan looking forward to his fight on July 15 in San Diego.

Melendez has been removed from the 7/15 UFC show after testing positive for steroids in his June 13 fight against Eddie Alvarez. He lost that fight, but he’s still incurring the penalties for the drug violation regardless, because…well, why wouldn’t he?

Melendez has received a one-year suspension in addition to being removed from the 7/15 card. This means UFC will have to find a new opponent for Al Iaquinta.

Gilbert Melendez Suspended from UFC After Failed Drug Test


“I did not inject anything, but I am responsible and accept the consequences for the results,” Melendez said in a statement. “I will make sure I am better educated about the products I use and their implications. Going forward, I will ensure no products I use will contain banned substances. I am sincerely apologetic to everyone who supports me, including my fans, sponsors and the UFC.”

This is bad news for fight fans, as UFC is apparently losing fighters left and right. Andrew Todhunter, who was a late replacement fighter set to make his UFC debut against Albert Tumenov at UFC 188, passed out while trying to cut weight. Then, UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo had to pull out of UFC 189 on July 11 following a severe rib injury. Now, it’ll be Connor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes for the interim UFC Featherweight Championship, as the company continues to do the best they can with the hand they’re dealt. However, Melendez’s situation isn’t an injury, so it’s hard to feel much sympathy for the guy, unless he was somehow given a tainted supplement or something like that. I would imagine more will come out as the weeks roll on.

But for now, I guess he can at least be relieved he won’t run the risk of ending up with a mangled leg. Gotta keep that glass half-full.

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