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Gianna Isabella Will ‘Put a Spell On You’ With Stunning American Idol Performance (VIDEO)

Gianna Isabella served up her best performance with “I Put a Spell On You” by Annie Lennox on American Idol 2016 Top 24 Semi-Final on Wednesday, February 10, 2016!

In her pre-performance video, Gianna talks about her love of books as a youth, going from adoring fairy tales to falling in love with horror stories. In particular, she loves the gore of it all. See? This is interesting stuff to know about a contestant, because I didn’t really feel like I knew anything about Gianna before now that wasn’t related to her mother. The dichotomy between her diva persona and her bubbly personality is more pronounced, and I like it. Gianna sings the Annie Lennox version of “I Put A Spell On You,” and this is easily my favorite performance of hers since the competition started. She’s really made a mark for herself as someone who deserves to be here on her own merits. I couldn’t have been more impressed with this. Keith says the voice is undeniable, but feels there are some performance elements that need to be ironed out. That said, he feels there’s definitely room to grow. J-Lo more or less says the same thing, while Harry praises her for being “a student of American Idol,” noting she hits all the right notes in all the right place. Watch the video below:

Gianna Isabella Will 'Put a Spell On You' With Stunning American Idol Performance (VIDEO)

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