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German Shepherd Rescued After Living In Freeway Median For 5 Weeks Waiting For Her Human (VIDEO)

Meet “Freeway Frida” – the German Shepherd dog that, according to police, fell off a pickup truck and unto a freeway median in Galt, California. She lived on Highway 99 for five weeks before finally being rescued last weekend.

People who saw Frida said that she may have stayed at the median for that long because she was scared or was waiting for her owner.

Frida was malnourished but is on the med now. She has a broken leg that needs surgery.

Police hope that her owner comes forward as she doesn’t have a microchip.

Officer Siliva Coelho with the Galt Police Department however said that she’ll gladly take Frida in if no one comes for her.

“I just might have to adopt her,” Coelho said. “She’s such got a strong heart and a strong will for surviving out on that median for five weeks. She’s truly amazing.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

So happy that Frida was saved!

Press play to watch the video below.

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