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German Shepard and His Boy Make Bedtime Fun Again (VIDEO)

A lot of kids hate going to bed. In a lot of cases, bedtime can be a hassle when you’re a parent (or, in my case, an uncle), so the adult trying to put the kid to bed will likely take any help they can get. Even if it comes from a dog.

This adorable German Shepard named Baron gets ready for bedtime with his boy. In the process, he makes bedtime fun again, not only helping the boy pick up all of his toys, but also saying his prayers with him, and even tucking him in before story time! Oh, and don’t forget the goodnight kisses! It’s the best depiction of the friendship between a boy and his dog that we’ve seen in some time. Seriously, so cute. Watch the full video below:

German Shepard and His Boy Make Bedtime Fun Again (VIDEO)

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