Georges St-Pierre Is Gone From UFC

MMA legend George St-Pierre has apparently left UFC, as the former welterweight champion declares he is now a free agent.

St-Pierre has revealed that his attorney has terminated his contract with UFC after failing to reach a new deal with the organization. This, after a seemingly endless process of negotiations.

Apparently, St-Pierre was close to a deal with former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, but the company was then sold to WME-IMG in July, and it was right back to square one. One of the big sticking points centered on merchandising, as St-Pierre had a deal with Under Armour that represented a significant portion of his income. However, UFC ended up signing an exclusive deal with Reebok which prevented fighters from wearing other brands in the octagon. So St-Pierre wanted more money to make up for what he’d lose in endorsements.

“We were close to an agreement at some point towards the end until big news arrived and the big news was that the UFC got sold to new owners. So we were told everything was put on ice until new owners take charge,” St-Pierre explained to “So we waited for weeks without any news from the new owners. Finally the new owners said that Lorenzo’s offer was off the table. It was like a shock for us because we felt like we were making progress.”

Georges St-Pierre Is Gone From UFC

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St-Pierre’s attorney set a deadline for UFC to offer him a fight, and the company came back with a fight against Robbie Lawler. But Lawler took a break from the promotion after losing by knockout to Tryon Woodley at UFC 201. When the fight fell through, so did negotiations, and St-Pierre became a free agent.

With that said, St-Pierre has nothing but nice things to say about the top brass in the company:

“I don’t dislike the UFC. The UFC does what is in the best of their interest,” St-Pierre said. “Dana White, he’s the best promoter in the world. He is the greatest of all time. We wouldn’t make mixed martial arts for a living if it would not be for Dana White. We owe that to Dana White. He did that for all of us. He took the UFC when it was small and he took it and he raised the bar for everyone of us.

“But now in this situation, unfortunately, he’s against me because of the business interests. I don’t dislike Dana White. Because a big part of what I do and what I have earned is because of Dana White.”

St-Pierre hasn’t announced what his plans will be, moving forward. He could certainly be a big deal in any promotion that would have him, whether Bellator, Rizin or somewhere else. I wouldn’t even rule out an eventual UFC return either. It’s simply that, right now, with circumstances being what they are for both St-Pierre and UFC, a return probably wouldn’t have worked out.

But what do you think? What should Georges St-Pierre do next? Sound off in the comments!

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