Gene Simmons Calls Prince’s Death ‘Pathetic,’ Says Icon ‘Killed Himself’

KISS front man Gene Simmons recently did a bizarre interview in which he called Prince‘s death “pathetic” and accused the icon of killing himself with drugs and alcohol.

“Bowie was the most tragic [death] of all because it was real sickness. All the other ones were a choice,” ranted Simmons to Newsweek.

When asked about Prince,” the singer quickly replied, “His drugs killed him. What do you think, he died from a cold?”

“How pathetic that he killed himself. Don’t kid yourself, that’s what he did. Slowly, I’ll grant you… but that’s what drugs and alcohol is: a slow death.”

He was of course alluding to the fact that Prince was found with prescription painkillers in his possession and officials are considering a possible drug overdose.

According to Simmons, he’s personally never been drunk or high in his life, rambling, “I can almost understand drinking or getting high if it made my schmeckel bigger, or made me smarter, but nothing happens.”

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