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Garrett Miles sings ‘Como La Flor’ and ‘Proud Mary’ on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

Garrett Miles sang ‘Como La Flor’ fromt he movie Selena and ‘Proud Mary’ by Creedence Clearwater on American Idol XIV Season 14 in Nashville, TN on Thursday, January 8, 2015.

This didn’t feel like a stunt-casting which is typical of putting on a blind person on these reality shows over the years. Garrett was such a nice guy.

After singing his version of ‘Proud Mary’, Garrett asked if he could sing a song from the movie Selena where he first heard of Jennifer Lopez. He sang ‘Como La Flor’ which brought me to tears!


I hope he goes far.

From our live blog:

Garrett suffers from optic nerve hypoplasia, leaving him effectively blind. He’s been singing since he could talk, and has been playing guitar since he was 10, although he has no idea where his talent came from since no one in his family can sing or play. He credits God Almighty for his talent, and also his dad for supporting him in his dream.

Garrett sings “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and I think it’s genuinely great. He has a classic, old school country voice, and one of my favorites of this competition so far. Of course, then he becomes my favorite singer of the entire competition so far when he reveals that he first heard of J-Lo from the movie Selena, which he loves, revealing that he can play “Como La Flor”. AND HE THEN PLAYS “COMO LA FLOR” LIKE A FREAKING CHAMP! YES, DAMMIT! YES! (Sorry, that song is very personal to me and my family)

Watch the video here:

Garrett Miles sings 'Como La Flor' and 'Proud Mary' on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

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