Indiefoxx banned on Twitch for sixth time


Controversial Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has been banned for a sixth time this year. Twitch normally implements a permaban after three strikes but it looks like Indiefoxx is coming back after a couple of days. No one knows why she was banned this time. Her last ban was just last week!

According to gaming site Dexerto, Indiefoxx will retain her partnership and channel when she comes back post-ban. (UPDATE: She just lost her partnership but not her channel)

Here are the dates she has been banned on Twitch:

  • Friday, January 29 — 3 days
  • Thursday, February 1 — 3 days
  • Monday, February 5 — 3 days
  • Saturday, February 24 — 1 day
  • Saturday, April 10 — 3 days
  • Tuesday, June 22 — 3 days
  • Monday, June 28 — ??

Fans are split on what happens next for Indiefoxx.

On one hand, some users are complaining about Twitch’s double standard on bans when it comes to popular streamers like Indiefoxx, as controversial as they might be. On the other hand, her loyal fans are crying foul. “She did nothing wrong!” wrote ProdigyDDK on Twitter.

Indiefoxx banned sixth time

Indiefoxx banned sixth time

Personally, I would be really upset if she gets permabanned. As I mentioned last week, Indiefoxx (and Amouranth) are literally testing the limits of Twitch’s TOS. Without streamers like her, we would all be in the dark on what can and cannot be done on the platform.

Apparently, you can’t fart into your microphone. We all didn’t know that for almost a decade on Twitch until last week during the ASMR meta!

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