Adin Ross unbanned (then arrested) on Twitch (video)


Adin Ross has been unbanned on Twitch. The rumor that it was a permaban is untrue.

His return to streaming over the weekend however was cut short abruptly by what Adin described as a prank SWAT team call during a meet and greet with his fans on a rooftop.

This happened after he was fake arrested in a store earlier in the day.

On Twitter he wrote:

Unbanned from twitch 😈 . I love u guys , thank u for ur support fr. I’ll see u guys tonight ❤️ what do u wanna see me do on stream tonight ?

Bro 😂 that arrest was fake I was scared shitless. Bruh, one of u guys called fake cops to come and fake arrest me .. y’all weird asf. But fr tho Someone called a real swat team during the actual rooftop meetup and whoever did that is a real piece of 💩

Press play to watch the video below.

Adin Ross is one of the most popular content creators right now making a name for himself playing Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K21.

So is Twitch unfair with its bans? This was the fourth time that he was banned for violation of TOS but he was able to get his channel back. Apparently, he’s immune to the three-strikes Twitch rule.

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