What Would ‘Game of Thrones’ Look Like Set During World War II?

Some fans of Game of Thrones simply can’t wait for Season 4. In fact, the fandom runs so deep, and the anticipation so strong, that some fans channel their energy into outside projects.

Enter designer Olivia Desianti, who has crafted artwork that posits what the propaganda posters would look like if Game of Thrones took place during World War II. It’s some genuinely gorgeous stuff that would look gorgeous on my wall, if I had a prettier wall than I have now (or a wall like The Wall). You can check out the full posters below:

What Would 'Game of Thrones' Look Like Set During World War 2

World War II Game of Thrones poster

Game of Thrones King in the North

Jon Snow and Ghost

Stick'em with the pointy end

If you like Desianti’s stuff, check out here Etsy page here, where she has really unique posters for other shows such as Sherlock and Supernatural!

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