‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers: Dead Characters Seen at Season 6 Filming Location

Game of Thrones has started filming Season 6 near Belfast and fans have been snapping photos of the cast, some whose characters are already dead in the series. Just more fuel for the Jon Snow conspiracy theorists!


First up on the scene is Nell Tiger Free, who is shown in a selfie by Isaac H. Wright. Nell plays Princess Myrcella, who though not yet dead in the books, is very much dead in the TV series. Isaac, who plays Bran Stark, confirmed recently that he will be in Season 6 after missing Season 5. Perhaps Myrcella will have a corpse scene or something.

Next of course is Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, whose death was the last scene of last season. Many fans speculate that Jon Snow is not yet dead even if the cast and production of Game of Thrones have insisted that he is.

So why is Kit Harington hanging around Belfast City? He’s been spotted multiple times and he still hasn’t cut his “Jon Snow” hair, which he says he “hates.”

I want Jon Snow to be alive so much! Please HBO make it happen. He’s my favorite character on GOT!

Via Uproxx

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